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As families are looking at purchasing costumes for Halloween, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

1.    Students may wear Halloween costumes but must be recognizable, i.e. no masks or facial coverings.

2.    Face painting is allowed if the student is recognizable and the painting applies to the costume being worn,

      i.e. whiskers for a cat, nose for a clown.

3.    No toy (or real) weapons are allowed at school.

4.    If a costume is determined by a staff member to be a disruption in the classroom, a possible safety hazard,

      or inappropriate (dress code still applies) the student will be asked to change into extra clothes or their
      gym uniform.

5.    Any student wearing a costume must fully prepare before arriving to school. Spray cans, hair coloring, spray

         string, face painting, etc. will NOT be allowed at school.

6.    Group costumes are discouraged when they promote the exclusion of other students.

7.    Parents are encouraged to supervise their child’s costume choice – keeping in mind that ultimately,

      Osage Beach Elementary serves as a place of learning, safety and appropriateness.

8.    If students do wear inappropriate costumes, the administration reserves the right to ask them to change.





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